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How to Get Rid of Roaches

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Today roaches are considered to be one of the most annoying kinds of pests that have ever been created. They not just annoy us, but they always come out of hiding areas when we receive company, thus putting us in a difficult position.


What You Need to Know About Roaches

Roaches are considered to be insects that are associated with human habitants. There are nearly 30 species of roaches. Although, they are pests, they are dangerous for you, because they carry dysentery, may eat your books, food and even clothing.

Roaches live everywhere: in apartments, houses, trailers, etc. They are able to squeeze through the cracks that are very thin and live more than a month without food. But how do they enter our houses? The answer is simple: in boxes, bags and even underneath doors. They are also well-known as carriers of diseases, that is why you should be very careful while contacting with them.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Roaches

A roach is one of the most disgusting and vile pests. To kick it out of your house may be just impossible in some cases. But your house is the best residence for it. If you want to know how to get rid of roaches by means of easy ways, follow these tips:

  • Tip 1. Discover if you have roaches or not.
  • As a rule, roaches are not large, they are medium sized pests. However, in some areas they can be very large. Roaches have long antennae and spiny legs. If you have noticed one pest, you can be sure that you have a lot more. They hide during the day, that is why you may not notice them. In order to find out if they live in your house, check pantries and cupboards for the droppings of roaches. As a rule, they can look like pellets or slime stains of brown color.

  • Tip 2. Figure out where roaches are coming from.
  • If you have noticed a roach, try to follow it. Pay attention to all holes which roaches enter.

  • Tip 3. Kill roaches.
  • There are many ways how to kill roaches. The most popular are:

  • Traps. Buy sticky traps and locate them in dark areas where roaches congregate. Place these traps under the refrigerators, cupboards, etc. This method has immediate effectiveness, that is why try to check traps daily.
  • Green kill. Mix flour and boric acid with water. Put this mixture in the back of refrigerator or cupboard. Flour attracts your roaches and after they eat it, they become paralyzed.
  • Baits. Take bait stations and place them everywhere. They usually contain fipronil. It is an ingredient that kills roaches by touch. Every three months these baits need to be changed.
  • Insecticide spray. Spray all areas where the roaches can hide or enter your house. If you have a pet, keep it away from those places. Follow all the instructions as this method is dangerous.

Easy Ways How to Prevent Roaches in Your House

  • It is not a secret that the best way to prevent the appearance of roaches in your home is a clean house. Your kitchen and all food containers must be clean. Don’t leave dirty dishes.
  • Keep your trash away.
  • Roaches hate the smell of naphthalene, so you may put naphthalene balls everywhere in your house. For example, in corners.

Roaches are really frustrating pests and to kill them is a difficult task. But if you want to try to solve this problem, use the abovementioned tips on how to get rid of roaches and you will be able to do this fast, easy and for a long period of time.

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