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How to Get Rid of Moles

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If you are a cottager, you have probably faced such a problem as moles. Appearing in the second half of summer, moles cause significant damages. On the contrary to the common opinion, moles don’t eat plants and don’t nibble the roots.

They do good to your garden by eating larvae of the cockchafers, weevils, caterpillars. But unfortunately, they also eat earthworms, spoil your paths, lawns, flowerbeds, and dig under the plant roots. So, how to get rid of moles when there are a lot of them in the garden or in the kaleyard? Keep reading this article and you will find all necessary information here.

What Are Moles?

A mole is a small, black mammal that lives under the ground. It digs through the soil easily as soil is sandy and moist. Moles can be found in the fields, parks, pastures, and cemeteries.
People consider moles to be pests because they live under their lawns killing plants and digging tunnels that can be dangerous to walk on. Their tunnels promote the growth of weed and reduce yielding capacity.
A mole weighs three to six ounces and is six inches long. Taking this information into consideration, one can conclude that this animal is very strong for its size. A mole doesn’t hibernate. It means that these animals can cause damage all year round.

How to Get Rid of Moles

Effective Ways How to Get Rid of Moles

Well, there a lot of different methods how to get rid of moles easily. Here are the most effective:

  • Remove the source of food. It is one of the best and most effective ways. If you have faced this problem in your garden or your lawn, it means that you have grubs. Reduce the amount of watering and you will reduce the number of grubs and worms which are food for moles.
  • Ultrasonic devise. You can also scare moles away using special ultrasonic devices. These devices utter special sounds that imitate the sounds of another mole. As moles are very territorial, they will leave your territory. But remember, this way is more expensive that the previous one.
  • Repellents. Another effective way how to get rid of moles is using mole repellents. They are sprays. Spray the ground with this repellent and it will make the grubs not delicious. As a result, moles will move to find tastier ones.
  • Poison. You can also kill moles using special poison. Apply it in the tunnels of moles. But remember, any poison is harmful for your health and the health of your family. That’s why it would be better to place poison in special bags.
  • Mole traps. This method is the most effective, but expensive. You should buy these traps in a special store.

Effective Home Remedies

There are also different home remedies that are effective and will help you to encounter the problem of moles.

  • Special mixture. Take Murphy’s Oil Soap and mix it with castor oil and cayenne pepper. Then mix these ingredients with water. When the mixture is ready, you may spray it or pour it in the moles’ tunnels. Be careful, this mole killer may be harmful for your health.
  • You may also use red pepper, broken glass, pickle juice, bleach, and rose branches to drive these unpleasant animals away.
  • Cat litter is also an effective home remedy as cats are natural enemies of moles. Put cat litter into the hills of moles. Cats hunt for moles, that’s why when moles smell this cat odor, they will drive away as soon as possible.

So, if you are wondering how to get rid of moles, use the abovementioned advice paying attention to advantages and disadvantages of each method. Don’t wait until these unpleasant creatures destroy your garden or lawn, act right now!
Good luck in driving moles away from your territory!

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