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How to Get Rid of Flies. Basic Rules.

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It goes without saying that almost every person is acquainted with such annoying insects as flies. In nature there are many different types of flies. However, the most common are typhoid flies. They can oviposit (about 100 eggs at a time) in rotting garbage and vegetables. An average lifetime of flies is 35-40 days.


Even one fly can get on people’s nerves. Imagine what five flies can do!  Therefore, sooner or later a person thinks over how to get rid of flies. Well, there are basic rules, which should be followed in order to avoid the appearance of flies.

Four Basic Rules How to Get Rid of Flies

Rule #1
The first and fundamental condition for combating flies is cleanliness. If your rooms and kitchen are clean, the floor is swept, there are no crumbs and food on the table, flies are rare visitors in your home.
Rule #2
Don’t leave doors and windows open. If flies get into the room from the street, put a mosquito screen on all your windows. Thus, flies won’t have any chance to enter your apartment.
Rule #3
It is noticed that flies are afraid of draughts, so your apartment must have airing. Airing is useful not only for fighting flies, but also for your health.
Rule #4
In summer when washing windows and floors add a little kerosene to the water. But if you still have flies in your home, we can suggest some ways how to get rid of flies.

  1. It is recommended to put thick curtains on the windows for 10-15 minutes. Then it’s necessary to open some windows (quickly), having left the rest of the windows blacked out. Flies will move towards the light and leave the room.
  2. Typhoid flies do not like the odor of tansy, therefore, if to put this plant in the flat, these insects won’t bother you.
  3. You can also get rid of flies in homes with the help of carnivorous plants. Plants that catch insects do not require special care. Especially effective are such “fly hunters” as sundew, butterwort and Venus flytrap. Those, who are afraid of toxic chemicals and find flypapers unaesthetic, can try to get rid of unwanted guests by putting pots with “hunter-plants” on the windowsills.
  4. There are a lot of do-it-yourself toxic mixtures for flies.
  • Take 1 g of saccharin and 10 g of honey. Put it in a glass of water, soak a paper with this composition and dry it. Before using put the paper in a plate and moisten it with water.
  • Take 40 g of sugar for half a cup of milk and add 40 g of black pepper. Impregnate the paper with this mixture.
  • Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of formalin, 5 tablespoons of sweet water and 3 tablespoons of milk. Pour the mixture into the plates and place a slice of bread in the middle of each plate.
  1. Flypapers can also be made at home.
  • Put 30 g of resin and 20 g of castor oil in a tin can, place it in a tank with a hot water and warm the mixture unless it becomes melted. Add a little honey or jam, smear all this stuff on a cartridge paper after that.

Here are some more recipes of flypapers

  • 200 g of rosin, 50 g of turpentine, 100 g of castor oil, and 50 g of sugar syrup or molasses;
  • 300 g of rosin, 200 g of linseed oil, 60 g of honey;
  • 300 g of pine tar, 150 g of linseed oil, 10 g of wax, and 50 gof honey or sugar syrup;
  • 400 g of rosin, 100 g of unrefined honey, 200 g of castor, machine or petrolatum oil, and 4 gm of glycerine.

All these mixtures are prepared according to the same principle: resin is melted on a water bath; other ingredients are added to it and a hot substance is applied to the paper.

Remember our advice how to get rid of flies, because these insects can carry causative agents of such dangerous diseases as dysentery, anthrax, cholera, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. Or best of all do not let flies enter your apartment!

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