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How to Get Rid of Bats: 8 Effective Tips

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Many people are afraid of bats, especially women and children. Bats are often associated with vampires for their horrendous look and high-frequency sounds they emit. In addition, in the event of a bite they can be disease carriers.

These creatures are not as bad as you think they are – they eat lots of insects and pests, and are an important part of the ecosystem. If the presence of bats scares you or the members of your family, you’ll surely want to get rid of them. In this case don’t kill these little creatures. Use human ways to make them leave your house.

So, how to get rid of bats and forget about the bat problem forever? Read 8 effective tips which will surely help you.

How to get rid bat

1. Removing Bats Yourself

If the bat suddenly flew into your house or apartment, do the following. Open the windows. There are good chances that the bat will leave the house, especially if it is night. If the darkness broke away, the bat most probably will stay in the house. This creature will find a dark, quiet place and sleep there. A bat can sleep behind your wardrobe or under the bedside-table.  Inspect the house or apartment to find the bat. Use gloves to avoid the possibility of being bitten. Take one to the window and let it fly.

2. Use of a small box

The best decision to remove the bat landing somewhere in your house is to take some small box or a coffee can and place it over the resting bat. When the bat is covered, slide a piece of carton between the coffee can and wall or desktop, trapping it inside. Then take the bat outside and throw it away.

3. Butterfly net

A butterfly net or thick towel will help you to capture and noose the bat if it is flying around your room. Don’t use a fishing net. It has larger toils, and a heavier edge which may injure the bat. Throw the towel straight up into the air beneath where the bat is resting. The towel will drop right down into it. When the bat is captured, release it outdoors in case you are certain that it hasn’t come into contact with anyone.

4. Bat removal by smoke

Stink bats out of the house using smoke.

5. Ultrasound device

Buy an ultrasound device. It will scare the bats as they are very sensitive to ultrasonic waves. Therefore, the installation of this device will help you to cope with the problem.

6. Bat removal from the attic

So, how to get rid of bats from the attic? If you have bats in your attic, wait until it is night. Then when they will hunt for food at night, close all the windows. Plug the holes if there any, in case you are sure there is no bat in your house.

7. Bat removal outside the house

It often happens that bats roost outside the house. If you don’t want them to be there, then a can of dog or cat repellent will help you to get rid of them. Apply the repellent to the surface only in case you are sure the bats are out feeding. Spray generously all of the areas. Don’t spray the repellent directly on the bats.

8.  Contact professionals

Keep in mind, if you have a colony of bats in your house, the only way to remove them out of the house is by ‘excluding’ bats – blocking off their entry points into the home. If you don’t want to do it yourself, address professionals. Nowadays, there are many companies that specialize in pest control and can do it properly.

What to do in case you are bitten?

First of all, don’t panic! Pay attention to the bite, a bat bite is no more than a pin prick. Wash the bite place with a plenty of soap and flush with water for at least 10 minutes. Call the doctor. Catch the bat if you can, but don’t touch it, avoid any contact with it. Use leather gloves. Put the bat in a box and cover it with a lid. Be careful with bat’s head; don’t damage it, because the brain is what is used for testing. The results of testing will show whether the exposure happened. In case of need, injections will be made in the arm.

Bat removal

PLEASE NOTE: In some countries all bat species are protected by law, and it is illegal to move or disrupt them. Phone a specialist if it is absolutely necessary to interfere. Specialists will decide how to get rid of bats in a safe manner.

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